Tim McClelland. 

Tim grew up on his family farm 28km north of Birchip. He has always enjoyed being involved with farming and learnt hands on skills from a very young age. Tim completed his Bachelor of Agriculture and Commerce at The University of Melbourne in 2006, then took on positions in Melbourne in areas related to the agricultural field; analysing and providing reports on agricultural industries. In 2011, Tim moved back to Birchip with the aim of pursuing his passion of farming.

With his logical train of thought and growing up in a family that often quoted outcomes of previous years to support arguments, Tim was keen find ways for farmers (like himself) to use solid and reliable evidence to inform their decisions and minimise risk. His work growing and developing YieldProphet with the Birchip Cropping Group enabled this vision to become reality. 

In addition to YieldProphet, Tim has worked on a range of projects while working for the Birchip Cropping Group such as: 

  • DAFF - Enhancing the farm resource base and profitability through better risk management (Farm4Prophet)
  • GRDC - National Paddock Survey Initiative
  • GRDC - Measuring and Managing Soil Water in Australian Agriculture
  • GRDC - Grain and Graze 3

These projects enhanced and developed his skills in written and verbal communication, presentations to farmers and agronomists, computer modelling, budgeting, collaboration with experts, organisation, and multiple technical skills. He is seriously hard working and incredibly efficient.

Julie McClelland.

Fortunate enough to marry a Mallee farmer, Julie McClelland is relatively new tothe Agriculture industry. As a graduate of Biomedical Science with honours and a trained Occupation Therapist, Julie has a thorough understanding of science and the motivation of farmers and consultants. What she lacks in Ag experience she makes up with enthusiasm and dedication to the benefit of others.

Julie is a great asset to Model Agronomics where in the seedling stages of the development of the company Julie will take on a role of office manager. She is extremely efficient and will be willing to assist you with your enquiries and benefit your projects. Julie has also recently taken on the role of bookkeeper for the family farming business so has a thorough understanding of farm business management and finances. 

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